Home and Career Skills (HCS)

"We ain't just cookin' anymore!!"


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Home and Career Skills (HCS) is more than just cooking.  Our curriculum is far more comprehensive and teaches you real life skills designed to keep you balanced in life.  We cover everything from the most important person in your life, you! to balancing a checkbook, preparing a budget, learning how to be a smart shopper, choosing a career, preparing nutritious meals, problem solving, decision making and much, much more!!


Study Skills  How do you study for a test to insure a good grade?

Test Taking Tips   Learn some things that might make taking tests a bit easier.

Homework  What homework was assigned and when is it due?

Useful Information  Some tidbits of information.

Links  Some other sites that might be of interest to you.

Contact Me  Do you need to contact me?  Click here to e-mail me.

 Recipes              Do you want copies of recipes we have made in class?