Where Am I??

Where can you find me??

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For the first semester (February - June) I have the following schedule:

Period 1 -  Home and Career Skills - Room 159

Period 2 -  Prep Period - Room 237

Period 3 -  Independent Life Skills - Room 245

Period 4 -  Home and Career Skills - Room 159

Period 5 -  Lunch Duty

Period 6 -  Lunch

Period 7 -  Child Development and Psychology - Room 229

Period 8 -  Coverage Period - If no coverage I will be in Room 159

Period 9 -  Home and Career Skills - Room 159        

Should you need to meet with me I am available during the day: during my prep or before school or after school by appointment.  You can always email me at MNadasky@sewanhaka.k12.ny.us

You can call the FCS Office via the Main Office 516-488-9200 and ask for the FCS office and leave a message.  Please be sure to leave your name and a telephone number or email where you can be reached.

I am available after school by appointment!  Please feel free to ask for an appointment.