The Chef's Club

 is now open to all students!!


The Chef's Club is open to anyone seeking to improve cooking and baking skills.  This is not a club to come and just eat.  Our focus is either service to our sister club, The Key Club or to improve our individual life skills. 

The meeting will start promptly at 3:15.  If you are late you will not be admitted!  Being on time is important.


Dues of $3 will be collected on the first day your group meets.  Please bring singles if at all possible.


Groups have been posted outside room 159.  Please verify to which group you have been assigned. 

Groups will meet as follows:

Group A - October 24th

Group B - October 31st

Group C - November 7th

Group D November 14th

PLEASE NOTE: You can not change groups.  Attendance is expected each time your group meets.  Should you miss 2 meetings, you will be removed from the club.