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I maintain 2 websites.  This one:, as well as, one through the Sewanhaka Central High School District.  You can access that one by logging onto the District website (sewanhaka.k12,, clicking Our Schools, then Elmont Memorial, then Faculty and looking for my name.  That site will also allow you to download homework worksheets.


If you need to contact me, you may do so by telephoning me at the school's main number 516-488-9200 during school hours.  Please be sure to give me a telephone number where I can reach you both during the school day as well as in the evening. Please indicate as well if there is a best time of the day to reach you. 

If you would prefer, you can email me. Please be as detailed and specific as possible.    Please indicate your child's name in the subject heading.  I will not open any email if I can not identify the sender.  If it is more convenient you can use the form below and copy it into your own email.  Email should be sent to:   It would be most advantageous to have your work and cell numbers, if applicable. 

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