Text Box: Nutrition Facts Worksheet
Look at the Nutrition Fact Label to the left.  Based upon this label, answer the questions that are listed below.


1.)    How much sugar is in this product? _____________________________________________

2.)    If I ate the entire container how many calories would I be eating? _____________________

3.)    How much trans fat is in this product? ___________________________________________

4.)    Which minerals does this product contain?________________________________________

5.)    How many calories are there in one serving of this product? __________________________

6.)    How much sodium is in this product? ____________________________________________

7.)    How many calories come from fat in one serving of this food? ________________________

8.)    Which vitamins are contained in this food? _______________________________________

9.)    How many people does this product serve if you use  the entire container? ______________

10.)                        How much fiber is in this product?

11.)                        Name 3 nutrients that this food is high in___________________________________


12.)                        Is this good or bad?  EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER__________________________________